Top Shelf 120/240 Grit Whetstone


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Product Information

This combination whetstone is perfect for fixing knives that have nicks and chips. It is also great for axes and garden tools that may have lost their edge. This particular whetstone is manufactured from Carborundum (Silicon Carbide). Grains of silicon carbide bond together to form extremely hard-wearing ceramics used in areas where high endurance is required.

Top Shelf’s 120/240 grit whetstone is durable and perfect for applications requiring abrasive machining such as grinding and honing knife edges. This quality whetstone has double-sided functionality – 120 grit and 240 grit, along with a non-slip silicone base. The dual grit makes it ideal for a range of uses – from sharpening kitchen knives, arts and crafts or sewing scissors, and gardening tools such as secateurs and cutters. This product is not suitable for serrated edged knives.

Always use the stone with the smaller grit for pre-grinding and then finish on the larger grit. Ensure you keep your knife at a 15-degree angle – if you are unsure, consider purchasing a knife sharpening guide. The guide will keep your knife at the perfect angle at all times.

Product Dimensions 180*60*27mm

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