Savannah Potato Ricer


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Make some culinary magic with your humble produce! The Savannah Potato Ricer is an extremely versatile kitchen tool.
Not only is it the ideal tool for making light and fluffy mashed potato or delicate gnocchi, but it also has multiple additional uses that are sure to impress.
Easily mash any cooked vegetables or create excellent purees or coulis.
Perfect for making healthy baby food from fresh, wholefoods ingredients! Furthermore, the Savannah Potato Ricer can conveniently squeeze water from blanched greens and from sliced or grated vegetables when making rosties or hash browns.
Even use it as a citrus juicer with halved or quartered oranges, lemons and limes! The two interchangeable stainless steel discs allow for varying textures.
Use the coarse disc when a heavier texture is required, such as for making spaetzle or when squeezing the moisture from blanched veggies.
The fine disc is superb at preparing the creamiest mashed potato and making puree, coulis or baby food.
The Savannah Stainless Steel Potato Ricer also features a clever grooved arm so that it can rest on the rim of a pot or bowl, making your cooking experience that much easier.
With a conveniently removable centre console for easy cleaning, the item is top rack dishwasher safe and comes with a generous 5 year guarantee.
With this much utility in one item, you're sure to be satisfied.
At Savannah we are dedicated to designing and developing kitchenware that truly works, saving you time and effort in the kitchen.
All Savannah utensils have been tested for functionality, durability and quality.

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