Savannah Maxi Electronic Scale Grey 31x25.5x2.5cm (15kg/1g)

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The Savannah Maxi Electronic Scale boasts unique features that are sure to impress anyone who appreciates efficiency in the kitchen.
Robustly constructed and of commercial quality, this generous 15kg capacity digital scale is the highest in its class.
It is capable of measuring in grams, kilograms, ounces and pounds, and is sensitive to 1 gram/millilitre or 0.05 ounce graduations.
With 4 high quality strain gauge sensors, the Savannah Maxi Electronic Scale is accurate within 1% and will indicate if the scale has been overloaded, to ensure that your cooking remains true to the recipe.
The convenient Tare function means that you can easily reset the scale to 0 after accommodating a bowl or container.
You could also press Tare again at this point, and weigh the next ingredient in the same bowl, thereby avoiding frustrating miscalculations.
The handy Hold function keeps the weight readout on screen after an object has been removed from scale.
This is useful when weighing large items (up to 15kg) that may obstruct viewing of the screen, e.g. a baking tray or casserole dish.
Simply press Hold, weigh item until scale beeps, remove item and weight reading will remain displayed.
The Savannah Maxi Electronic Scale has a large LCD display with a red backlight that is ultra clear and easy to read.
With a spacious stainless steel weighing platform, this scale is ideal for bigger bowls or containers.
This clever scale also automatically resets to zero for you when everything is removed, and will turn itself off when not in use, thereby saving your battery power whilst you're busy making things happen in the kitchen.
It will even indicate when battery power is low, so that you won't be caught without your scale mid-recipe.
Takes 4 x 1.5V AA (included).
5 year warranty.
At Savannah we are dedicated to designing and developing kitchenware that truly works, saving you time and effort in the kitchen.
All Savannah tools have been tested for functionality, durability and qualit

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