Savannah Julienne Speed Slicer


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Product Information

Savannah's Speed Slicers are distinct from other slicers on the market - due to their double-edged blades that allow you to slice food quickly in both directions.

They have a specially designed protective hand guard that actually works: the spikes grip the food firmly and securely right down to the last slice, and the guard fits the slicer, sliding up and down securely, keeping your hands away from the blades.

The hand guard also locks into the sides, acting as a blade cover for safe storage when the slicer is not in use.

The Julienne Speed Slicer has been specifically designed for the safe and speedy production of matchstick style julienne strips, perfect for quickly and easily adding colour and texture to salads and stir fries, and for creating beautiful decorative garnishes.

30 x 9 centimetre size.

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