Rikaro - Plant Freak Apron


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Our adjustable aprons are made from 100% cotton and are made of sturdy, canvas material. The fabric is certainly durable, yet flexible enough for every day comfort. In addition, the fully adjustable neck strap makes these adult-sized aprons are perfect for anyone! ?

The aprons are great for gardening, crafting, cooking, and more! They are super fun and functional, and have plenty of storage. With 4 large pockets on the bottom, the fabric aprons are perfect for storing paintbrushes, gardening tools, or any small items! Similarly, they also have a built-in eyeglass holder for convenience. The adjustable cotton apron is available in several different designs and they all feature beautiful, original, artwork by Michelle Allen.

Bottom: 27"
Top: 10”
Side Length: 19”
Overall Length: 30.5”
Pockets: 9” deep
Side Strap: 28

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