Prepara 17.6 Cup/4.15l Container


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Product Information


Low profile easy sliding latch system
Double decker microwaving capability
Unique Steaming Vents
Pouring lip
Interlocking containers
Nesting capability for optimal storage
Tritan™ by Eastman – tough, clear, BPA free stain proof material

Prepara Latchlok Food Storage containers use an interior silicone gasket system to create a firm watertight and airtight seal. The perfect solution for at home or on the go! Simply pack your meal for work, school, or wherever, and easily reheat when you are ready to eat. Crafted with Tritan™ material with a glass like look and feel, Latchlok won’t chip or crack, and is odor and stain resistant. Our unique patent pending latch and ventilation system allows you to cook and reheat in the microwave in half the time, in double decker stackable containers! Latchlok is designed with an innovative spout feature for precise pouring of liquids. The innovative lid lift provides an ergonomic finger recessed area to help you easily lift the lid. The latches slide to the center position to lock, and back to the outer positions to unlock and open the vents for microwaving. Containers are designed to stack securely to create modular configurations. Simply stack them in any configuration to suit your space for consolidated refrigerator storage. Latchlok is dishwasher and freezer safe.

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