Over The Top Buttercream White 1.7kg


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WHITE Over The Top Buttercream 1.7kg Over The Top

For premium Buttercream Icing, look no further than Over The Top Buttercream Icing. The luxurious, ready-to-use icing with its smooth, silky texture and superior piping consistency, makes it an ideal icing for all your piping and cake decorating creations.

Over The Top Buttercream Icing’s perfect formula provides a versatile icing that can be applied in a number of ways – from a thin crumb coat to a thick top coat for borders and decorations, which will set firmly enough so that it can be touched lightly without leaving a mark.

Over The Top Buttercream is available in 14 vibrant colours and three delicious flavours of vanilla, chocolate and caramel. Created with the finest Australian ingredients, Over the Top Buttercream Icing is proudly Australian made and is Gluten Free, Nut Free, Dairy Free and Trans-Fat-Free making it suitable for Vegans.

Buy ready made Over the Top Buttercream Icing today and save time and money!

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