Nostik Reusable Non-stick Bbq Liner Black 50x40x0.2cm


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Product Information

.Looking for an easy way to grill without having to scrub off stubborn burnedon bits of food Then use the NoStik Reusable NonStick BBQ Liner when cooking your meat fish or vegetables. Simply lay this nonstick barbecue liner on the grill and start cooking succulent dishes for everyone. With its durable nonstick Teflon coating you can ensure food is always tender juicy and delicious without even needing for oil or fats to achieve perfectly cooked food with nice grill marks.
Key Features:
Reusable and reversible barbecue liner that protects your food from burning and keeps the grill spotlessly clean
Features Teflon non-stick coating that ensures quick food release and easy cleanup
Requires no use for oil and fats in cooking to promotes healthy cuisine
Can be cut to a desired shape and size to fit your needs
Ensures smaller cuts of food will not fall through the grid and into the fire
Perfect for grilling sticky marinated food, meat, fish, seafood, vegetables, eggs and many more
Also ideal for baking, roasting and oven shelf lining

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