Masterpro Reusable Non-stick Airfryer Liner - Square Set Of 2


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Product Information

MasterPro is a superior quality kitchenware brand that equips the home chef with tools to cook like an expert.
Our products are designed for superior functionality, durability and style.
This Resuable Non-Stick Airfryer Liner Square Set completes all your air frying needs as the perfect eco-friendly alternative to disposable waste.
Each set comes with one regular square liner and one perforated square liner so you have all your culinary bases covered.
With a non-stick PTFE coating, you never need to worry about food falling through the air fryer racks or sticking to the inside of the basket.
Each liner comes in a compact measurement of 20.
3cm x 20.
3cm easily cut to fit most air fryers.
Suitable for temperatures of 40°C - 260°C.
Avoid direct contact with flames and sharp objects.
Wash each liner thoroughly before first use.
Once cooled, remove the liners and wash with warm soapy water or damp cloth.
Enrich your kitchen with this durable Reusable Non-Stick Airfryer Liner Square Set from MasterPro.

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