Luigi Bormioli Bach Red Wine 400ml


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A certain suave distinction sets Luigi Bormioli glassware apart.

That’s because Luigi Bormioli glassware hails from Parma in Italy, nestled halfway between Bologna and Milan. The history of this region can be traced back to the ancient Etruscans, who excelled in sculpting and terracotta artworks, and today this same area carries a name for being a centre of art, music and glassmaking.

Really, where else in Italy would you expect Luigi Bormioli to begin their business?

Since the ‘40s, Luigi Bormioli have focused on great design, traditional Italian craftsmanship, and modern glassmaking technology to create distinct glassware that looks as clear and elegant as crystal, but retains the strength and durability of glass.

An artistic glassware collection dedicated to one of the most gifted composers of all time? We think so. Bach is highly stylish with an ultra-modern pattern and laser-cut edges, which create a dazzling, faceted display of light as you drink.

Bach Red Wine Set features:
Made in Italy.
Made with Luigi Bormiolo's ‘SON.hyx’ glass formula for ultra clarity.
Glass is totally transparent and will remain so for over 4,000 industrial dishwasher cycles.
Laser-cut, fine reinforced rims minimise chipping.
Presented as a set of four.
Dishwasher safe

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