Laica Vacuum Bag Rolls X 2 (20cm X 6m)


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Product Information

Reduce food wastage and keep food, leftovers, raw meat, even delicate produce fresh in the fridge with the Laica Reusable Vacuum Bags. These two rolls of vacuum bags will fit larger cuts of meat, allowing you to store them so that they last longer in the fridge or freezer. They are also suitable for sous vide cooking (80C), boiling (100C) for 15 minutes max and low temperature cooking (70) for up to 6 hours.
Key Features:
Practical, reusable and environmentally sustainable vacuum bag rolls
Keep food fresh up to five times longer compared to ordinary food plastic rolls or cling wraps
Fridge and freezer safe for convenient food storage
Eliminates odours in the fridge and avoids freezing damage on your food
Perfect for storing larger cuts of meat and easy to cut to your desired size
Suitable for cooking in water (80C) and boiling (100C, max 15 minutes) and for low temperature cooking up to 70C for up to 6 hours
Use with a Laica vacuum sealer or any other vacuum sealer that fit the width of the bag

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