Essteele 3 Piece Knife Set


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Product Information

Experience culinary versatility with the Essteele 3 Piece Knife Set: the 20cm Chef Knife, 12.5cm Utility Knife, and 17cm Santoku Knife. Expertly crafted from Japanese steel, these knives balance durability and corrosion resistance.

The Chef Knife is an all-rounder, excelling in slicing meats and chopping vegetables with ease. The compact Utility Knife, perfect for precision work, handles tasks from peeling fruits to trimming meats. The Santoku Knife is the master of dicing, mincing, and slicing, making it ideal for preparing meat, fish, or vegetables.

Featuring triple-riveted, carbonised ash wood handles, ensuring a secure grip. Their full tang design guarantees perfect balance, while the taper ground edges maintain enduring sharpness.

Essteele's Chef, Utility, and Santoku knives bring precision and versatility to your kitchen, enhancing every culinary task. Empower your cooking with this Essteele 3 Piece Knife Set.

Key Features

Premium quality Japanese steel - the blades are a beautiful stone finish, for exceptional corrosion resistance and strength
Fine tapered edges - for precise cutting, slicing and chopping
Full tang blades - with full bolsters for perfect balance
Triple-riveted carbonised ash wood handles - contoured in design provide a natural & unique finish and a secure and confident grip

Set Contains:
20cm/8" Chef Knife
17cm/7" Santoku knife
12.5cm/5" Utility Knife

Collection: Essteele Knives
Dishwasher Safe: No
Handle: Carbonised Ash Wood
Kit Quantity: 3
Material: Japanese Stainless Steel
Size: 12.5/17/20cm
Warranty: 25 year warranty

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