Coffee Culture Induction Plate, 13cm

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Product Information

Size: 13cm

- Features: Stainless steel body, silicon covered handle, allows Moka pots, cookware to work on your induction cooktop
- This induction plate was designed so as to allow aluminium coffee makers/ smaller cookware,
to function on induction Hobs.

- Place the induction plate on your induction stove.
- Place your prepared coffee maker on the plate.
- Turn on the induction Hob to a Medium Heat.
- When the coffee is ready, Switch off the induction Hob and remove coffee maker from the Plate.

Use and Care:
- Never heat this pan unloaded to svoid overheating.
- Always use a Medium heat setting, Not a high setting.
- Always use the Handle and do not Touch as Surface of the Induction plate as it will get very hot.
- Hand wash preferred once it has cooled down.
- Avoid using the presence of Children

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