Coffee Culture Black Electric Coffee Grinder - 12 Cup

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Product Information

Size: 12 cup

Features: -
- Ideal for Grinding Enough Coffee for 12 Cups
- Adjustable Cup Size for the Perfect Grind
- Adjustable Grinding Level from Fine to Coarse
- Can Also Be Used for Spices and Herbs
- Removable Bowl for Easy Cleaning
- 12 Month Warranty

Note: Processing capacity of coffee beans should not exceed 7 Grams ( Or no more then 2/3 capacity)

Care and Storage:
- Put the main unit on a stable surface.
- Clean the jar and lid with mild cleanser before use.
- Fill with beans to the level desired. Replace the lid and make sure it is correctly positioned, pressing it down and locked into place.
- Switch off the grinder and unplug when not in use or when being cleaned.
- Allow to cool before cleaning and Storing.
- Remove the lid and wash in warm water.
- Rinse and wipe dry, ensure no water is caught inside lid, if there is simply shake the lid to remove.
- Allow to dry thoroughly before storing.
- The Grinder is not dishwasher safe

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