Cert Iii Commercial Cookery Tafe Kit

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The Cert III Commercial Cookery Tafe Kit Contains

1x Turning Knife
1x Paring Knife, 8cm
1x Cooks Knife, 25cm
1x Filleting Knife, 18cm
1x Boning Knife, 15cm
1x Pastry Knife, 26cm
1x Vegetable Peeler
1x Double Melon Baller
1x Zester/Channelor
1x Pastry Brush
1x Tasting Spoons, 3pk
1x Measuring Spoons, Set of 4
1x Palette Knife, 25cm
1x Cranked Palette Knife, 25cm
1x Balloon Whisk, 35cm
1x 45cm TPU Piping Bag
1x Piping Nozzle, Plain, Set of 7
1x Piping Nozzle, Star, Set of 7
1x Cutter, Plain/Scallop, Set of 6
1x Bowl Scraper, Small
1x Decorating Comb, Double Sided
1x Digital Thermometer

1x Sharpening Steel
1x Preperation Bowls, 9cm, S/S, 10pc
1x Tool Bag

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