Bio-grape Organic Fig & Grape Paste 150g


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BIO-GRAPE Certified Organic Fig & Grape paste is great to serve with a range of softer cheeses. It is hand made in small batched with organic dried figs simmered in grape juice and BIO-GRAPE (Grape Skin Extract) recycled from wine waste. The BIO-GRAPE (Grape Skin Extract) greatly enhance the levels of the very healthy red wine polyphenols giving it a very high ORAC Value. It is the levels of red wine polyphenols in the wine which are believed to be responsible for its cardiovascular protective effects. Delicious and Nutritious, Enjoy. It is great to serve with soft cheese like a brie of a soft goats cheese and BIO-GRAPE Grape Seed Crackers.


Organic Shiraz Grape Juice.
Organic Figs.
Organic Raw Sugar.
BIO-GRAPE Grape Skin Extract.
Soluble Fibre (Citrus Pectin)
Food Acid (Citric Acid)

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