Bio-grape Organic Cabernet Pepperberry Paste 150g


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Product Information

BIO-GRAPE Certified Organic Cabernet Pepperberry Paste is delicious served with cheese. It has a base of organic cabernet wine which is simmered to evaporate the alcohol. Then we grind wild harvested Australian Native Pepperberry from the mountains of Tasmania in to a fine powder and infuse it through the wine which gives the wine a beautiful aromatic flavour. We then add the BIO-GRAPE (Grape Skin Extract) to the wine to greatly enhance the levels of the very healthy red wine polyphenols giving it a very high ORAC Value. It is the levels of red wine polyphenols in the wine which are believed to be responsible for its cardiovascular protective effects. Delicious and Nutritious, Enjoy.


Organic Cabernet Wine
Organic Raw Sugar
BIO-GRAPE (Grape Skin Extract)
Soluble Fibre (Citrus Pectin)
Citric Acid
Australian Native Pepperberry

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