Avanti Tempwiz Instant Read Pocket Thermomter

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Product Information

Temperature range -10°C to 100°C
Dual celsius/fahrenheit display
Rugged stainless steel body and probe
Large legible display dial
Protective probe sheath with pocket clip

Remove roast from cooking appliance. Insert thermometer probe into the meat making sure that the probe's point is as close to the centre of the food as possible.
Wait a minimum of 15 seconds before checking the temperature. This important pause allows time for the thermometer to stabilise and provide an accurate reading.
To obtain a precise temperature reading, it is important to ensure that the probe's point is not resting on bone, gristle or a part of the cookware.
This thermometer is a precision instrument and should only be used to take a temperature reading when the food is removed from the oven, barbecue or microwave. DO NOT leave thermometer in the meat whilst it is cooking.

The point of the thermometer's probe is sharp and potentially dangerous. For safety sake, handle with care and always keep out of the reach of children.

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