Avanti High Capacity Kitchen Scale - 15kg

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The Avanti® High Capacity Digital Kitchen Scale makes light work of measuring ingredients to meet all your home baking and cooking needs. With a sleek, low profile design, this universal scale measures bulk quantities of weight and liquids whist compact enough to be stored away with ease. Featuring a high precision stain gauge sensor system, you can weigh directly on the tempered glass platform or weigh with your own bowl or container. With a maximum load of 15kg/33lb, it measures in increments of 1g/0.1oz with the full confidence of digital accuracy. The unit of measure can be easily switched to either grams, pounds, milliliters or ounces. A convenient ‘add and weigh’ tare function also allows multiple ingredients to be measured in the same bowl during recipe preparation. These practical scales feature an easy-to-read LED display and is equipped with an overload indicator which alerts you when the maximum weight has been exceeded, a low battery indicator and an automatic shut off power saving function.

20g - 15kg weight capacity
Weight graduates in 1g/0.1oz increments
High precision strain gauge sensor system
Easy to read large LED digital display
Digital readout in either g/lb/ml/oz
Tempered glass platform - hygienic and easy to clean
Tare "add-and-weigh" function to weigh different loads consecutively
Non-slip feet for stable weighing
Low battery and overload indication
Auto shut-off power saving function
Low profile design for easy storage

Clean with a damp cloth only
DO NOT immerse the scale in water or use chemical/abrasive cleaning agents
All plastic parts should be cleaned immediately after contact with fats, spices, vinegar and strongly flavoured/coloured foods
Avoid contact with acids such as citrus juices

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