Anolon Endurance+ 26cm Open French Skillet And 28cm/4.7l Covered Sauteuse

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Whether for company or for family meals, these generously sized pan is excellent for assembling a gala dinner of thick juicy pork chops, coq au vin, or steaks such as filets mignon. It's also perfect for dishes that start browning on the stovetop and finish in the oven, like whole pork loin, braised lamb shanks or veal shoulder. Many recipes direct the cook to brown the meat or chicken in batches.

With this wonderful sautéuse, you'll have enough surface area to cook ingredients all at once, saving time and creating an impressive presentation.

The large lid allows steam to collect, which hastens the cooking process even as it locks in nutrients and moisture.

This 2 piece set is a great starter pack for those wanting to the Gourmet Authority in Cooking. Contains: - 28cm/4.7L Covered Sauteuse - 26cm Open French Skillet

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